Kratom Extract

Mitragyna speciosa - Gold Reserve Kratom Extract


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Apologies for the price increase - our supply of this material is very limited.  New pricing has been imposed by the supplier.  We are doing our best to keep our price as low as possible with a margin fair for both the customer and Phyto.  Hoping only temporary.

For the true connoiseur looking for unique and quality Kratom experience, this is a ‘must try’. This powdered, full-spectrum Kratom extract contains over 200mg of active alkaloids per gram. It is one of the most aromatic and consistent strains we have come across. 

Gold Reserve Kratom is made by first creating a nearly pure (over 90%) alkaloidal extract that is then used to enhance about 8 times that weight in Powdered Indonesian Kratom. We are proud to offer this elite Kratom presentation, and we are sure you will be as impressed as we were. 

Definitely a best seller!  Also available in capsules!

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