Why We Love Kratom Extracts (And You Might, Too!)

As you learn more about the world of kratom and the products offered by different kratom vendors, you’ll eventually come across kratom extracts. As the terminology for products can be confusing at times, you might not initially understand what kratom extracts are or why so many people love them.

In fact, you might be shocked that people gravitate towards something that is, on average, five times more concentrated than traditional kratom. 

What is it about kratom extracts that make them so popular? Are kratom extracts going to be a good fit for your life? As one of the original suppliers of high quality extracts, we have a few things to say on the matter. Let’s take a closer look and find out together.

What Are Kratom Extracts?

Before we get into the specific reasons that many kratom users find extracts appealing, let’s clarify exactly what kratom extracts are.

Kratoms extracts are a type of product made from kratom plant leaves or powder. They are a more concentrated form of the powder, and they tend to contain some of the highest levels of alkaloids when comparing different kratom products. 

Extracts are made by soaking the plant matter in a solvent such as water, CO2, or ethanol, and then the solvent is dehydrated. This concentrated material can then be mixed with a base power for a higher concentration or used on its own.

Extracts are available as both powders and liquids as well as in different strains and concentrations depending on what vendor you buy from.

Kratom Extracts Are Concentrated

One reason that some people gravitate towards using kratom extracts rather than traditional teas or powders is that they have a higher concentration of alkaloids. This means that generally speaking, you would try a smaller serving of kratom extract than you would of standard kratom powder.

Has kratom ever made you feel nauseous? Have you ever gotten annoyed by the amount of tea that you needed to make to take your usual serving size?

If so, kratom extracts might be just what you need to make your life a little bit more simple. Kratom extracts can often be taken in smaller serving sizes with the same effects.

You will need to do a little bit of trial-and-error to get the amount right as there is no way to directly correlate extracts with other substances, but the overall consensus is that extracts are used in smaller quantities.

Make sure that you take your first serving much smaller than is recommended or than you usually take; the amount can always be increased over time.

Extracts Help Rotation

Did you know that regularly rotating your serving size and which strains of kratom you are taking can help to prevent any sort of tolerance from building up to the alkaloids in kratom? The best way to use kratom long-term is to rotate between different options, and adding extracts into the mix makes this easy.

Replace your usual kratom with a smaller serving of an extract for a week or two and then switch back; by changing up the amounts you take, your body will not be able to create a steady reliance on either.

Extracts Could Save You Money

There is a chance that switching to kratom extracts rather than using standard kratom powders could save you some money, but the only way to be sure about this is to do some math!

Kratom extracts are generally more expensive than standard powders. Extracts have a longer manufacturing process and use more raw material to be created, so this difference in price makes sense. The final product, too, is different.

Depending on how much less kratom extract you use in comparison to kratom powder, it might be more affordable for you to buy extracts. If you’re using substantially less product, switching to the more expensive product could still be cost-effective.

Extracts Variety

While kratom powders are already available in a wide variety of strains and colors, extracts mix up the type of variety by being available in different concentrations as well. For some strains, you might be able to try a 3x, 5x, or 10x concentration of the product depending on the level of concentration that was achieved.

As you explore different products in the world of kratom to find out what works best for your mind and body, having all of these different products available is very helpful. There are more options to consider, and you won’t have to settle for something that is just OK. 

Instead, consider the wide variety of options available, and discover which serving might be right for you.

Liquid Extracts Change Everything

As mentioned, kratom extracts are available both as powders and liquids. Liquids are one of the coolest kratom creations ever, and they’re so convenient to use that you might be shocked. You should expect these liquids to be concentrated.

Liquid extracts can be added into any beverage with ease:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Juice

Or, you can choose to just take the liquid directly from the dropper! The convenience of a liquid kratom product is not hard to miss considering that adding the liquid to a tastier treat can even help to mask the sometimes off-putting flavor of kratom.

Another convenient on-the-go option available for kratom are capsules. Capsules can be made from different strength kratom extract powders, and they can be taken like any other kratom capsule. You could even try making your own capsules at home to save money rather than ordering pre-made options!


Remember that kratom extracts are just one way that you could try kratom; don’t feel like these are the only option! Extracts are a highly-concentrated form of kratom powder that is ideal for experienced kratom users or those that want to be able to take smaller serving sizes.

That does not mean that these concentrated powders and liquids will be a good fit for everyone!

If you find that extracts are too much for you or your stomach, don’t worry. You don’t have an obligation to love extracts even if there are lots of great products in our catalog for you to choose from. Shop around more traditional kratom products instead, and you’re sure to find a good fit for you.

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