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Live Plant Info

Live Plant Info

Will Phytoextractum guarantee my plant?
We are willing to guarantee that your plant purchase will arrive alive and healthy.  As we have no control over the customer's abilities as a grower, Phytoextractum warrants only the safe-delivery of your purchase and not its continued survival once in your possession.  Should your plant arrive damaged or lifeless, we will replace or refund the price of the plant as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Your package is hand-delivered on the first attempt or provided a safe location for delivery.
  2. Your package is immediately opened upon arrival and the contents cared for as specified in the enclosed care instructions.
  3. Your package is not left exposed to the elements (or any other extremes) upon delivery.
  4. You report any damage to us within 24 hours of receipt of package.

How will you package my plant?
Our plants are packaged neatly in a small box that is ideal for shipping.   We'll use a heating pad when necessary during the winter months to ensure your plant is healthy on arrival.

Does Phytoextractum offer rush-processing on Live Plants?
No, we do not.  While we'll do our best to make sure that you get your order as quickly as possible, we also need to ensure that the time is right before sending your plant on to you.  We only ship our plants on Mondays.  Please be advised that if you order on Tuesday, it will be a week before your order ships.  This is to ensure your plant isn't sitting with the courier all weekend.

Do you ship internationally?
Sorry, not at this time.  With all the hassle, plus the likelihood that the plant won't make it alive, we've decided to supply our live plants domestically, only.

How does Phytoextractum care for live plants before shipping?
Grown, harvested, and processed without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, GMO's, synthetic chemicals, growth agents, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization, all Phytoextractum plants are organically raised and cared for.  All of our live plants are raised in either Rockwool or Fox Farm organic soil and treated with Nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer until time of shipping. 

What if my plant does arrive damaged or worse?
Please contact us immediately.  Whether by email or phone, it's important that you reach us as soon as possible so we can either provide you with instructions on how to rescue your plant or make the necessary arrangements to have it replaced.

Basic Plant Care Information

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Rifat
Climate plays a major role in how your Kratom tree will grow and develop.  Rifat's prefer tropical climates and temperatures of around 80-90°F with humidity somewhere near 75-85%.  An organic, Nitrogen-rich fertilizer should also be used every 2-3 weeks and watering enough to flood out the pot (to wash out any extra salts) is always a good idea.

  • Water only when the soil is just about dry.  Your plant will pull a greater nutrition from the medium at this stage.

  • Leaves may drop from your plant; the lower down on the tree, the better.  If they're dropping from the top first, you might have problems.

  • Spray your plant down with a squirt bottle to simulate humidity where there is none.

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