4 Best Ways to Take Kratom: Which Do You Prefer?

Kratom, officially known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a very special plant extract. It’s a tropical tree that can be taken in many forms, and those forms have been used by societies where Kratom is native for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Before you buy kratom online, it’s important to know the best way to take it though. In this article, we’ll discuss the 4 most common.

From teas to powders to capsules, Kratom users around the world are mixing up how they will take their Kratom every single day! And really, there are a lot of different products and methods that they can choose from.

When you’re new to Kratom, you might not know how which method you want to try or what the difference between those types of Kratom really is. How can you know without spending months trying them all?

We’ll introduce all the pros and cons to you today so that you can make that choice for yourself!


One of the most common ways for people to take Kratom is by making it into a tea. You can use both loose leaf and powder to make tea, but you’ll need to spend a good bit of time figuring out the exact brew that you like and will enjoy drinking.

When buying loose leaf Kratom, it’s often known as crushed leaf.

Most people find that taking tea is the most effective way to enjoy Kratom. The basics of making tea are simple. All that you need to do is allow them to steep in boiling water for about 20 minutes before straining, but this isn’t the only way to make Kratom tea! In time, you’ll learn many methods.

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There are a lot of different things that you can add to tea, but the most common ones that people find to improve the general flavor of Kratom tea are:

  • • Fruits (particularly citrus fruits)
  • • Honey
  • • Sweeteners
  • • Juice (lemon, orange, and pineapple are all great choices)

Regardless of what people recommend that you add to your tea, don’t be afraid to experiment! Only you can decide what flavors you like, and the only way that you’ll find the perfect combination is to change it up every single time that you make a batch of tea until you get it right.

Pros of Kratom Tea

  • • Easier on your stomach than other preparations
  • • Can add your own ingredients to change the taste
  • • Can be batch prepared in advance

Cons of Kratom Tea

  • • Takes time to prepare
  • • Can be very bitter
  • • Will need to try various adjustments to get the flavor right

Kratom Powder

The other most popular way to take Kratom is to use Kratom powder. Powder can be used as an additive to other drinks or smoothies, or it can be used more directly if taken by using capsules instead.

Because of how convenient taking powder Kratom is, this is quickly becoming the most popular form. It’s simple to buy in bulk, can be taken discreetly, and doesn’t require an acquired taste like tea does!

Some of our favorite ways to combine Kratom powder are into yogurt, smoothies, drinks, dressings, and more!

Kratom Powder Pros

  • • Tends to be more affordable
  • • Easier to buy and store in bulk
  • • Versatile
  • • Can be put into capsules for easy digestion & storage

Kratom Powder Cons

  • • Can cause upset stomachs due to increased amount of plant matter
  • • Powders can be messy
  • • Can be harder to measure unless using capsules

Kratom Capsules & Tablets

If you are looking for a very easy and discreet way to take Kratom, you might want to try Kratom tablets or capsules.

Kratom tablets are made when high-pressure machinery creates a tablet by simply squeezing the powder together as hard as possible. They stay together without any binding agents as long as the proper machinery is used to make the tablets. Plus, you don’t have to make them yourself as you might need to do with powder capsules!

Kratom gum is also available. You should keep in mind that gum will likely have binding additives, so you should decide if you are okay with that or not.

Tablet Pros

  • • Very discreet
  • • Easy to carry around with you as needed
  • • Easy to measure

Tablet Cons

  • • Might contain additives
  • • Might contain chemicals
  • • Might contain added flavors
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Kratom Extracts

Like CBD extracts, it is possible to create a pure extract from Kratom plants. These Kratom extracts have been used for many years in some areas of the world and can be a great way to take a concentrated amount of Kratom.

The extracts are often called full spectrum kratom because as many alkaloids as possible are pulled from the plants. If you want an easy intake method, full spectrum Kratom extract is a great way to do just that.

The extraction method usually goes something like this:

  • • Ethanol, water, or CO2 solvents are used to soak the plant and begin the extraction method. Usually, this involves a certain amount of soaking and heating as well.
  • • The plant’s alkaloids are pulled out of the plants.
  • • The alkaloids solvents are blended with the base extraction, and other natural flavors may be added as well.

If you want to avoid taking any type of extraction that includes alcohol, you can always check in with us about which extracts do and do not contain alcohol!

Extract Pros

  • • Very easy to take
  • • Can be dissolved into other liquids
  • • Typically contain more alkaloids
  • • Need to take less product to be effective due to higher concentration

Extract Cons

  • • Missing balanced plant extract; contains most alkaloids
  • • Can upset some people’s stomachs

Kratom: The Choice is Yours

There’s not a single way that you have to take Kratom. Powders can be mixed into smoothies, or teas can be brewed with honey and lemon flavors to make a tasty concoction that you can enjoy when needed. Or, you can simply take a capsule or tablet to get a direct serving of Kratom powder.

The point is that there are no specific rules about how you have to take Kratom. You can try these different ways; you might even find that you enjoy more than one ingestion method! In the end, the choice is yours.

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