Why The GMP Program Is (Seriously) Awesome

In the Kratom industry, there are a lot of different ways that we could choose to operate our business. With little direction at the federal level, operating in a way that fits with our business goals best would be easy to do with few repercussions.

In fact, there are many Kratom vendors that operate just like that, with little but profit in mind.

Phytoextractum, however, believes that there is a better way for us to do business. That is why we comply with the guidelines laid out in the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices program (and why we think more vendors should do the same!)

The GMP program might not be common knowledge among all consumers, but it is worth the investment all the same. Let’s learn about why this program is so great and why we take our membership in the program so seriously!


When you’re new to the behind-the-scenes world of Kratom, you might be confused by the acronyms AKA and GMP being used so regularly. So let’s address what these two stand for and why they are so frequently used throughout the industry.

The American Kratom Association (AKA)

The American Kratom Association is a nonprofit organization that is focused on ensuring that Kratom continues to be safe and legal for consumers to buy and take in America. Through work on legislation, manufacturing practices, grassroots movements, and more, AKA works to ensure that the industry remains safe and in operation.

Kratom has not been regulated or addressed on a national scale, so the rules are different in each state. Much of what the AKA works on is ensuring that each state passes the necessary consumer protection acts to ensure that Kratom lovers can buy high-quality Kratom and safely use it.

The funds raised by AKA are used to work on lobbying for Kratom consumer protections in each state, and they are also used to support research into Kratom to help prove its uses on the scientific side of things.

Additionally, they work to educate both vendors and consumers on what types of practices need to be followed for safe Kratom. In particular, they put time and effort into setting up the GMP program so that vendors could be held to a higher standard.

The Good Manufacturing Practices Program (GMP)

Every industry, from yarn to lumber to fish farms, has their own set of standard best practices. These practices are legally regulated and monitored to some degree; they are self-sustaining within the industry through certification programs as well.

In the Kratom industry, little-to-no regulation was happening in the legal world before AKA started their work. Within the industry, many vendors were doing all that they could to use best practices. Still, there was no clear standard for what was appropriate.

Enter the GMP. The GMP Program is also known as the Good Manufacturing Practices Program, and it is a standards program that was set up by the American Kratom Association.

What Does The GMP Do?

The program seeks to ensure that the industry follows a clear and comprehensive set of practices to ensure that all Kratom sold to consumers is safe and that the supply chain is properly recorded.

With the GMP program certification in place, consumers can be sure that the Kratom they buy is reputably sourced, fully-tested, and properly packaged. Since the companies are doing regular batch testing, consumers are more likely to get a high-quality product.

The GMP guidelines are regularly updated by AKA to ensure they reflect the latest research, and vendors in the program must comply with guideline updates. Even the most informed vendors might have a hard time keeping up with the best practices as they are changing so frequently, so having a program like the GMP to provide guidance is key.

On the whole, what the GMP Program does is simple: they keep the industry in line. Sure, not every vendor out there is part of the program, but many have seen the importance of this type of regulation and are happy to join in. As time goes on, the overall standards of the industry will rise to match the high standards held by the GMP participants.

Why We Take GMP Seriously

We take the GMP guidelines seriously because we believe that it is our responsibility to only sell high-quality products to our consumers. Consumers trust vendors to sell them the best products; vendors need to uphold that trust by doing all that they can to follow appropriate sourcing, testing, and packaging procedures.

Additionally, we want the overall industry to be held to a higher standard so that it can continue to exist in America. Without some regulations that prevent negligent vendors from selling untested or low-quality Kratom in America, the industry will suffer.

That is why we are proud members of the GMP program, and we will continue to take it seriously. 

Frequent and complete testing of our products is the only way that we can be truly sure that everything we sell is as safe as possible. As much as we trust our supply chain, there are too many unknowns for a Kratom vendor like us to neglect testing. With the guidelines supplied by the GMP program, we can set up our testing process.

Go Shopping For GMP-Compliant Kratom

Are you interested in buying Kratom from GMP-compliant companies?

Thankfully, the American Kratom Association makes this very easy to do! Check out the list of vendors that are part of the GMP program on their website, and then do your shopping. If you want to shop locally, you can also take this list with you and see what is in stock at your local establishment.

Buying GMP-compliant Kratom is a good way to show your support for this program. By supporting the companies that ensure they are doing all they can to protect the kratom industry, you are also helping to protect the kratom industry from cheap, low-quality kratom.

Here at Phytoextractum, we’re happy that we are one of the accredited members of this program. All Kratom products found on our site have been tested, processed, and handled in accordance with those standards, so you can shop our collection with peace of mind!

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