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How quickly will you process my order?

All orders are processed and shipped same-day, Monday through Friday, as long as they are placed before 2pmPST.  Orders placed on Saturday are processed and shipped same-day when placed before 12pmPST.

Do you ship discretely?

All orders are packaged discreetly as coming from one of our shipping departments in a USPS or UPS package.

When will my order ship?

If placed before the cut-off time, your order will ship same-day anywhere between 2pmPST and up until 8pmPST.  If you don't immediately receive a shipment notification or tracking, do not panic.  Because we are on the west coast and because we deliver your shipment directly to the main USPS or UPS hub, your package could take several hours to update.  An east coast order placed at 2pmPST may not receive an email update until 11pmEST.

Will I receive tracking for my shipped order?

Yes, definitely.  Once your order is processed, an email is dispatched from both Phytoextractum, as well as either USPS or UPS indicating your order status and tracking information.  All orders will receive this mail if placed before our cutoff time.  Please note that tracking emails are automated and do not send immediately, sometimes taking up to a full hour to process through our queue.

Can I find my tracking information on the web?

Yes, definitely.  The best way to retrieve an order status and tracking information is by visiting your account and viewing your order status online. Simply login using the link and click the "View" button to the right of your order to retrieve your tracking info.   Occasionally, our shipping application fails to post tracking information.  Rest assurred that if you order status says 'Shipped', it has been.  If you require tracking and cannot find it, please email

Do you offer COD?

Yes, we do.  COD is available when opting for UPS as your courier.  Please note that UPS no longer accepts cash - you must provide the driver with a money order or cashier's check for the amount of your order.

Is the product pictured the same product I'll receive?

Yes, and well, no.  While the product you'll receive is not the exact same product in the picture, all of our products are examined and inspected on arrival or before shipment.  If our photos differ in color or consistency, we immediately update them to reflect the product we actually sell.  This is a Phytoextractum guarantee.

Do you regularly test your products?

Yes, we do test products on the regular, especially when doing business with a new supplier.  We can provide COA on many of our items - just ask!

Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Phytoextractum makes no claim as to the use of our products, and so making a guarantee on the quality places us in a difficult position, depending on your definition.  What we can tell you is that Phytoextractum products are of the highest possible quality in terms of color, weight, consistency, humidity, and supply.  The products we carry and the stock we maintain are all carefully stored and cared for, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more precise and consistent supplier.

I'd like to see a product; will you carry it if I suggest it?

We'll certainly consider it!  Simply use our contact form and send on a message to our Research & Development department.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours with what we've found out about your request and whether or not we can carry it.  We encourage new research and novel information and we're happy to do all we can in order to further new studies.

Do you offer your products in bulk?

Sorry, no.

What's your return policy?

While our return policy can be found here, the short of it is that we're willing to accept a return on any unopened, sealed and untampered product as long as the customer contacts us within thirty (30) days of the delivery date.  If you find that your product is inadequate or not what you expected, we're certainly willing to do what it takes in order to retain your business.  Simply get in touch with us via our contact form and send on a mail to and we'll return your message within 24 hours.

I'd like to place an order with you, but not online.  Is this possible?

Sorry, no.  All orders placed must be done so on the website.  We cannot process your payment or order over the phone.  Our products are not browseable over the phone.  We require that all communications with our customers are done so in writing via either our contact form or by mailing us at

Who is your preferred courier?

While Phytoextractum offers both the shipping services of UPS and USPS, we've had the best luck with UPS.  This isn't to say that we've had a negative experience in using USPS, however the shipping tools and rates provided by UPS go a long way in adding convenience and velocity to our own processes. 

Will you carry a link to my site?

Phytoextractum is all for the promotion of similar and related interests.  If you think your site may fit in with others listed on our reciprocal links page, use our contact form or send a message to, complete with your site link and info (don't forgot the URL to where you've posted our link in return) and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Do you offer an affiliate referrer program?

Yes we do. If you would like to be an affiliate and earn money for referring customers create an account or login to your account. Under your account's dashboard you will find links to the referral program. The standard commission rate is 5% for the first order. If you run a high traffic website and would like to discuss your commission rate, please contact support.

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12 oz Loose Chai Organic Yerba Mate
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