Liquid Kratom Shots: Are They Worth The Hype?

Liquid kratom shots are not a new phenomenon. You’ve probably come across these tiny shots of liquid at gas stations or local smoke shops. The packaging often resembles energy drink shots, and there are many similarities in their ingredients list.

As kratom is rising in popularity, these types of liquid kratom shots are increasing in popularity as well. More brands are producing them, so you have many options when you come across them at your local retailer or while shopping online.

Despite how many of these liquid shots exist, does that mean they are a good choice for you? Not necessarily. Today, learn more about liquid kratom shots, what exactly they are, and who might want to give them a try.

What are Liquid Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots look a lot like other “shot” sized drinks, such as energy drinks. You’ll find them at smoke shops and sometimes at gas stations or convenience stores. What are these small liquid shots?

Liquid kratom shots are typically a combination of an energy drink and kratom extract. Unlike standard energy shots, liquid kratom shots claim to boost their energy-enhancing effects naturally with kratom. 

The exact makeup of these liquid kratom shots can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, the flavor, and the quality of kratom extract used to make the drink. Sometimes, multiple types of kratom’s key chemical components are used to make the shots. Some vendors even include synthetic enhancements.

The critical point to remember is that there is no set makeup of liquid kratom shot, and you should review the label carefully to determine what is in the drink before using it. Additionally, it can be helpful to think of these kratom shots as a subcategory of kratom extracts. Let’s learn more about this category and other liquid extracts.

Understanding Liquid Extracts

Kratom powder is the substance made when kratom leaves are ground into a fine, powdery state. This powder or kratom leaves themselves can be turned into a more concentrated version by steeping in certain liquids and then reducing the liquid until the alkaloid content is very concentrated.

That’s how we get kratom extracts. The extracts can be wholly dehydrated into a powder form, or they can be kept in liquid form. There are different types of liquid forms depending on the method of extraction and what is left in the substance after filtration.

Liquid kratom is often made from multiple types of kratom or other additives to affect the final product and potency. For example, we stock different liquid extracts. Some are full-spectrum options, while others are made from isolated kratom alkaloids.

Liquid kratom shots can be considered a type of liquid extract. Liquid extracts come in many different forms; some contain additives just as liquid kratom shots do. However, most kratom users would not consider kratom shots a straight kratom extract due to the vast differences in composition.

What’s The Difference Between Extracts and Shots

#1: Added Ingredients

Liquid kratom extracts may include a full range of kratom alkaloids extracted from the plant or specific alkaloids (usually mitragynine) in isolation. Some extracts contain ethanol as a solvent, and some use water or glycerin as a suspension liquid. However, there aren’t usually any other ingredients added. Liquid kratom extracts are a more pure delivery method than liquid kratom shots.

On the other hand, liquid kratom shots often contain additional ingredients to change the overall purpose of kratom in the shot. Energy drink additives are used in these shots, and they often include the following:

  • • Caffeine
  • • L-Theanine
  • • Passionflower extract
  • • Artificial stabilizers
  • • Other herbal extracts

How all of these ingredients work together has not been studied to any extent, and it’s currently impossible to say if there are benefits or risks when combining them. Kratom on its own is still being studied, and these combinations are largely guesswork.

#2: Different Alkaloids

The effects of kratom on the human body are thought to be caused by various alkaloids found in kratom leaves. Specific alkaloids are found in kratom strains in varying amounts. While mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the two alkaloids studied and mentioned most, many other alkaloids are present in kratom plants in small quantities as well.

Kratom extract often contains highly concentrated amounts of mitragynine and smaller amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine. Many kratom extracts are also full-spectrum products that have some other alkaloids as well.

Liquid kratom shots, however, may contain unknown concentrations and combinations of alkaloids. Some liquid kratom shots contain higher percentages of 7-hydroxymitragynine than are typically found in the natural plant.

#3: Strain Consistency

When buying a high-quality liquid extract from a reliable vendor, you should know which strain is being used to make that product. Most vendors include the name of the primary strain product in the name, and you can expect consistency from batch to batch.

Liquid kratom shots are made from different strains each time. Vendors may use whichever they have on hand, which can alter the drink’s effect. Reliable vendors will have a more consistent process, and this will be reflected in their labels and ingredients.

Safety at Phytoextractum

As with all kratom products, liquid kratom shots and similar extracts are not regulated by the FDA. Most kratom suppliers and manufacturers have their standards, but most states do not require them to meet compliance regulations. While the movement to introduce consumer protections and Good Manufacturing Practices across the country is underway, it will take time for these protections to be in place nationwide.

Until then, we know how important it is for us to take safety into our own hands as one of your favorite kratom providers. We take safety seriously and follow the latest guidelines when producing our kratom extracts.

Through the AKA’s compliance program, we can ensure that our products are being tested, packaged, and sold in the safest way possible. We will continue to hold ourselves to this standard for as long as we provide kratom to our consumers.

No matter where you do your kratom shopping, please take time to vet your vendors thoroughly. Verify that they follow the latest industry safety procedures and provide testing information on their website. If this information is lacking, you may want to choose another supplier for your kratom needs.

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