All About GMP (And How It Protects Kratom Consumers Like You)

Every industry has manufacturing practices that companies in the industry are expected to follow. These practices are in place not only to keep the workers in each company safe but also to ensure that consumers are always receiving a safe and reliable product.

Without standards, there would be no way for consumers to feel confident that they are buying a safe, well-tested product.

Before the GMP program was established by the American Kratom Association, these standards were practically nonexistent across the industry. While individual vendors like us here at Phytoextractum had their own rules about testing and standards, they were not consistent between vendors.

Let’s find out what the GMP program consists of, why it is so important, and how we can continue to ensure that these practices continue to protect consumers and companies in the Kratom industry for decades to come.

What Is The GMP Program?

The GMP Program is a Kratom-specific program that was established by the American Kratom Association as an attempt to coordinate and normalize safe manufacturing practices among various Kratom vendors.

GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, is a program that sets up a certain standard, and Kratom vendors have to prove that they are meeting these standards in order to be certified. Then, they must continue to prove that they follow the program’s guidelines each year if they want to continue to be certified by the GMP program for safety compliance.

GMP Program Requirements

The complete guidelines of the program can be found on the American Kratom Association’s website, but these are some of the most important general requirements:

  • ➡ Specific labeling guidelines which may not include certain claims
  • ➡ Safe operating procedures in regards to sick workers
  • ➡ Written procedures in place for all shipping reception and processing
  • ➡ Batch testing and record-keeping
  • ➡ Complete supply chain record-keeping
  • ➡ Restrictions on marketing practices

With guidelines like these, the program helps to support vendors to be as safe as possible when working with Kratom processing, sales, and marketing. It’s part of the responsibility of vendors to upkeep a level of safety for consumers, and this program helps do just that.

Why Is The GMP Program Necessary?

As you may or may not know, Kratom has a somewhat confusing legal status in America. Like most substances, the final call about the legality of Kratom exists at the state-by-state level. While this type of decision making is common, the differences between regulations in each state mean that negligent vendors can sell untested Kratom.

Untested Kratom could be very dangerous for consumers, and consumers getting sick from their Kratom is not OK! Additionally, cases of bad Kratom batches making it to the market weaken the case for Kratom as a safe substance to use. Some in the federal government have already made their skepticism of Kratom known, and problematic cases due to messy testing will only make that worse.

The GMP program accomplishes a few major fixes within the industry:

  • ➡ Sets up testing protocol
  • ➡ Sets up guidelines that are specific to the Kratom industry
  • ➡ Sets up a standard that can be checked and improved as needed
  • ➡ Gives consumers peace of mind when choosing their vendor
  • ➡ Protects consumers from untested product
  • ➡ Educates manufacturers, vendors, and consumers about safe Kratom

All successful industries have a type of manufacturing standards that are expected to be followed, and the GMP program creates those standards for the Kratom industry. Vendors that choose to participate are helping to improve the overall industry.

How GMP Protects Consumers

Before the GMP program existed, some vendors were doing their best to make sure that Kratom was tested properly. Limited knowledge and the lack of a clear procedure path, however, led even well-meaning Kratom vendors to sell questionable products.

Consumers, however, had no way of knowing if the Kratom that they were purchasing could be trusted or not. There was no impartial way to judge the different vendors when shopping around, and that led to stress and safety issues.

With the GMP program in place, it is possible for consumers to look at the list of GMP participants and then decide where they would like to shop.

Additionally, the GMP program helps all Kratom vendors become educated about the best practices for Kratom. Even if consumers know nothing about the program, they are still being protected as vendors work to make sure their products are as safe as possible.

Phytoextractum’s Commitment To GMP

Here at Phytoextractum, we are very committed to the GMP program!

Without it, we feel that the overall Kratom industry would not be nearly as safe as it is today. The structure, direction, and guidelines that it provides to vendors of all sizes make it possible to identify risk factors and eliminate them.

We know that there are dangers associated with untested and low-quality Kratom, and we can see how the GMP program reduces the risks those have for all Kratom consumers. 

That is why we are proud to be compliant, certified members of the GMP program and plan to continue endorsing this program for the foreseeable future.

How To Shop For GMP Compliant Kratom

Are you interested in making sure that you shop for GMP-compliant Kratom in the future? That’s great; we’re glad that you see the importance of putting quality before price.

We’re happy to offer a great variety of well-priced (and well-tested) Kratom here in our shop, but we also know that we might not have everything that you are looking for.

Here is what we recommend doing to ensure that you are shopping from GMP-compliant vendors:

  • ➡ Bookmark this list on the AKA website of GMP certified vendors
  • ➡ Shop around to find a few vendors that you are interested in buying from
  • Check to see if the vendor is on the list
  • ➡ If they are, shop away!

If you plan to shop locally, you can save this list to your phone and then check the products that are available in-store to choose your next batch of Kratom. Chances are pretty good that your local vendor already vets what they stock, but you can never be too careful.

By taking this simple extra step, you can protect yourself and the Kratom industry. And for that, we thank you!

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