Cheap Kratom: The Scary Risks of Saving Money

Saving money when you find a great deal is always fun. Whether you have a coupon code or you simply found the same item for a cheaper price, the savings always feel like a big win.

When it comes to Kratom, however, saving with cheap Kratom may actually be more risk than you realize!

Many consumers find themselves comparing different Kratom websites without being sure of what they should look for when they’re choosing Kratom. For many, the lowest price that they can find becomes the Kratom that they invest in. But is this the smartest options?

Honestly speaking? No; it’s not.

While we do our best to make our Kratom available at a price point that works for our customers, we don’t agree with Kratom vendors cutting corners to sell for a lower price or turn a bigger profit. Doing that is downright dangerous, and we believe that you have the right to know why!

The Dangers of Cheap Kratom

Why is that taking cheap Kratom can be dangerous?

Cheap Kratom is usually untested or mixed Kratom which means that you may not know what is going into your body at all. Even though these Kratom products are never advertised as anything but pure, the vendors are not being completely honest with you when they market their products.

Untested Kratom can contain many different substances, all of which have their own unique effects on the body:

  • Dried powder products: mixed into Kratom to add bulk weight
  • Added chemicals: use to fake the chemical composition of the Kratom
  • Pathogens: unsanitary processing can spread disease

These are just a few of the many ways that Kratom can become infected or contaminated with something that you certainly wouldn’t put into your body knowingly! And since these companies lie or disclose the truth about their products, you would never know the difference without additional research.

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How Kratom Vendors Cut Corners

Today, we’ll go into a little bit of detail about the different ways that we suspect companies are saving money by skipping essential safety routines.

Now that you know how low quality Kratom can be dangerous, you might be wondering where along the supply chain these contaminations occur. Where exactly do Kratom sellers and suppliers cut corners in a way that leads to these risks?

While we cannot say exactly who does what, our experiences have shown us that these safety precautions are some of the most expensive to implement -and that is a good indicator that they are things that might get skipped!

Lab Testing

Lab testing is one of the most important steps of selling Kratom, and many suppliers fake their lab tests or lie about it altogether. Testing, when done properly, will reveal the exact composition of the Kratom and warn the company about any potential contamination. Regular testing can help ensure that contaminated products never reach the customer.

But Kratom vendors that want to sell at incredibly low prices do not always follow through on testing due to the costs, and that can be very dangerous to you.

Here at Phytoextractum, we know that lab testing is one of the most important things that Kratom companies must keep doing.

Always make sure that a site gives you information about their testing produces before you buy anything from them. If that information is not clearly available, send an email to find out how their testing works and to let them know that you care about seeing the testing results before buying.

Quality Checks & Staffing

Some vendors do not do enough random quality checks or have the proper quality assurance staffing availability to be able to sort, package, and sell their products without increasing the risks that are passed on to customers like you.

If a company is not willing to talk about their QA practices or how they ensure that every order is checked for quality and packed safely, you should keep looking for a different vendor.

Doing The Bare Minimum

The biggest way that Kratom vendors save money is simply by doing the bare minimum.

Because there aren’t many official regulations in place about how vendors must source, store, test, or sell Kratom products, there is no reason for vendors to do more than that if their main priority is their profit margin.

Until regulation and rules become required, however, there are ways that the Kratom industry is working to self regulate.

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AKA’s GMP Standards

AKA, also known as the American Kratom Association, is leading the pack to ensure that Kratom consumers aren’t left in the dark about what goes into their products and whether or not it is safe. After all, customers have a right to know exactly what they are taking and how it moved through the supply chain.

AKA has a program called GMP Standards. These standards represent the manufacturing practices that specialists at AKA have determined should be followed to ensure that a truly uncontaminated product is sold every single time.

Joining this program is voluntary and costs the company a bit of money. We happily signed up and are now proud to be one of the certified Kratom sellers through AKA!

Companies that care more about making more money and less about fixing their cheap Kratom problem, however, will not have joined this program. Keep this program in mind as a factor to consider when you choose which company to buy from next time.

You Deserve Safety

Here at Phytoextractum, we understand the power of Kratom, and we also understand the power that we have when it comes to your Kratom experience. We want every single experience to be perfect, and for that reason, we’ve put the time and resources necessary into creating a safe and secure supply chain.

The next time you’re trying to buy the cheapest Kratom that you can possibly find, remember that not all Kratom companies are created equal, and not all companies will treat you equally, either. Do you want to be treated like nothing more than a way to make some extra money? We didn’t think so.

Leave the cheap Kratom in the past, and find the company that cares about you!

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