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12 oz Loose Chai Organic Yerba Mate

12 oz Loose Chai Organic Yerba Mate
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12 ounce Bag of 100% Organic Chai Yerba Mate Loose Tea


Taste our Chai Yerba Mate and see what the fuss is all about!


Mate Chai blends the delicious flavor and the health benefits of two premier beverages of indigenous cultures ~ Yerba Mate, the energizing beverage of choice in South America and Chai, the 5,000 year old healing drink from India.

Traditional Chai spices were highly sought after by the Greeks, Romans and the nobility of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. For centuries they have been transported thousands of miles from India to Europe and have often been worth more than gold. Maté Factor makes these two traditions available to you today in one revolutionary blend.

Yerba Mate is more than just an invigorating brew. It is one of nature’s best sources of antioxidants. Studies reveal Maté to be higher in antioxidants than green tea, partly due to its high Polyphenol content. Yerba Maté also contains vitamins including C, B1 and B2, as well as minerals important for metabolism including Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Potassium and Zinc. Our Maté is rich in bio-active compounds including Chlorophyll, Pantothenic Acid, Quercetin and Rutin.

Cinnamon is strengthening and promotes steady energy throughout the day.

Cardamom is a mood elevator, helps relieve gas and eliminates bad breath.

Cloves invigorate the entire body and are benecial during the Cold Season.

Black Pepper is a powerful anti-oxidant and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Ginger is proven to both prevent and treat motion sickness and it also fortifying for both woman and men.

Nutmeg relieves stress.

Our Yerba Mate Process is an Art: We have spent years perfecting the "art" of creating delicately delicous Yerba Mate. We have painstakingly learned the vast array of factors that control the final flavor and vibrance, in order to produce, The Mate Factor.

No Smoky Flavor:

We dry our Mate; using an art we have developed that preserves the natural flavor and also keeps our original green flavor Mate tea free from smoke. This low heat process protects natural enzymes that exist in yerba mate.

100% Certified Organic:

We use one hundred percent certified organic Yerba Mate, responsibly grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, preserving the environment where our Mate is grown.

100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Green Yerba Mate, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves, Chicory, Black Pepper.

Good Manufacturing Process Proud member of the American Herbal Products Association Quality Guaranteed

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