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Mitragyna speciosa - Bali Kratom Powder


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This product is not intended for internal use. It is offered for research, reference standard, or as an incense product for external use only.

Our Kratom is freshly imported from Bali, Indonesia and is of the highest currently known premium commercial grade.  The industry standard!  We sell this superior product to our valued customers at a discounted price specifically to encourage further related studies.

Bali leaf is one of the most popular kratom strains in our inventory. The dark leaf is harvested from the Mitragnya speciosa kratom tree by experienced growers who have cared for and harvested the delicate leaves over generations.  We then powderize the dried leaves via 60 mesh for a perfect and consistent product, every time.

Bali leaf contains the alkaloid mitragynine. The leaf was originally named after the trees it came from in Bali, although the strain is now grown in Borneo and other areas of Indonesia while retaining the genetic characteristics that have made it so popular.

Average Mitragynine content tested and verified at 2.1%

At this time we are unable to ship Kratom products to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.