Kratom From Home: What You Can Do To Keep Buying Kratom

There’s no doubt that the world has changed in the time since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread. Business has changed; social life has changed. Everything has changed in one way or another, and there’s a new normal that people are beginning to adapt to.

For those who consume kratom and aim to support reputable kratom vendors, it is a great time to consider what you can do to help these businesses survive these difficult times. Vendors that work hard to ensure only the highest-quality kratom makes it to their customers and buying from them directly during this time is more important than ever.

Let’s talk about why buying kratom from home at this time helps the industry, and what else you can do to ensure that you will be able to continue to easily access kratom for years to come.

The COVID-19 Problem

How is COVID-19 affecting the kratom industry specifically?

While much of the kratom industry is rooted in online sales, there are still many physical aspects in the process that are being affected by the ongoing pandemic. From shipping to in-store shopping, delays are affecting the industry from start to finish.

In particular, these are the problems plaguing the industry:

  • Shipping delays
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Importation problems
  • International supply inspection and testing delays
  • Lack of kratom advocacy opportunities
  • Limited in-store shopping possible
  • Extra cleaning required
  • Extra safety measures required for employees

These are far from the only problems that businesses in the kratom industry are having, but they are the problems that are most affecting the industry at large. What can be done to help the industry get past all of these problems so that kratom can continue to be sold safely and legally?

Online Shopping Remains Easy

Regardless of what is going on outside of your door, shopping online remains an easy and safe way to get your kratom supply without having contact with anyone. You can order whatever you want to try out from the comfort of your own home, and it will be delivered to you a short time later.

The only way that this might really change during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there are shipping delays across the country. In addition to some warehouses taking a little bit longer to fulfill orders due to updated staffing routines to keep workers safe, there are also delays within the USPS service itself.

This means that while you might need to wait a little bit longer than usual, you will still be able to get kratom delivered to your house without any problems.

Vet Your Vendors

Regardless of what is going on in the world, it remains very important for you to vet who you choose to buy kratom from. When processed and handled properly, kratom is safe to use, but there are unfortunately some sellers that are not as honorable as others. This means that they do not do enough testing, and that could put you at risk.

It is very important to always check into those that you are thinking about purchasing from. See how they test their products, find out if they are handling things properly, and ask them questions about anything that concerns you. If they cannot give you the answers you seek, look for another company to buy from.

Phytoextractum is proud to be part of the American Kratom Association’s GMP program. This means that we prioritize our customer and product safety over profits. We make sure that we are doing the required latest best practices at all times.

If you are unsure what vendor to buy from, look up the complete list of GMP-compliant vendors on AKA’s website for some ideas of where to shop.

Hit The Stores

If you aren’t comfortable buying online, you can still go to stores and shop in some areas. Depending on local restrictions, you might be able to call around and find what shops you can go in to pick up some items.

Alternatively, many shops may also have curbside pickup. This means that you would be able to drive up, pick up your items without any contact, and then be on your way. This is an incredibly safe way to shop during the ongoing pandemic, and it might be the only way you can physically shop in your area.

Kratom Advocacy Continues

During this time, another important aspect of keeping the industry alive is to continue kratom advocacy. Legislative bodies and most political meetings are on hold at this time, and that means that any progress being made by kratom advocacy groups has been put on hold.

While organizations behind these movements are still working hard to ensure that important things like Kratom Consumer Protection Laws will still be moved through the system, they are going to require more resources and support now.

Community Involvement Is Key

The biggest way that you can help with advocacy is to get involved in the community around you. Find out what type of advocacy is happening in your area. See if there are any laws that are being considered, and do your part to get those passed.

You can help do this by calling local legislatures, writing letters, signing petitions, and contacting local offices about how you feel. Hearing from constituents is a major way that politicians make decisions, so using your voice is very important.

Don’t underestimate the difference that your voice can add to the conversation.

You Have The Power

The kratom industry is going to survive the COVID-19 industry, but you have the power to help the industry come out even stronger than it was. Through your buying power and your support of kratom advocacy efforts, the mission to make kratom safely and legally available in all of America can continue.

If you’d like to learn more about kratom and kratom advocacy, check out our complete resources blog. We pride ourselves on helping to educate curious customers. Feel free to contact other experts and advocacy organizations with your questions as well!

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