How Does the Body Absorb CBD?

Cannabidiol -or CBD as it’s more commonly known- is a major industry booming into the forefront of our collective consciousness. Products such as tinctures and CBD gummies are growing in popularity and the success stories keep streaming in. From its relaxation-inducing effects to its anti-inflammatory properties, people report a host of potential benefits. However, all of these possible benefits are still being studied.

But with all this excitement around this burgeoning industry, some might stop to wonder, how does CBD absorb into the body and what’s most effective? It’s a fair line of questioning. We want to know how the products we take in and apply to our skin affect our bodies and how. 

How Does CBD Absorb in the Body

Depending on how you use CBD, the absorption process will vary. There are four typical methods of use: ingestion, topical application, inhalation, and sublingual. 


A lot of people trying out CBD for the first time will reach for this method. Some ingestible products include tincture oils, capsules, and even beverages. These are all highly celebrated favorites in the hemp industry.

When CBD is ingested, it is absorbed by the digestive system and metabolized by the liver. From there it will enter the bloodstream to work its magic through the body. But due to the “first-pass effect”, a lot of the ingested CBD is broken down by the digestive enzymes before it has a chance to metabolize in the liver. 

Despite the loss of some of its potency in the digestive process, ingestible products can still be an effective, easy method to enjoy CBD. Remember, it’s important to choose the right dosage for you to assure you’re reaching the full potential benefits of what CBD has to offer. 

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Topical Application

Those with skin issues or sore muscles might reach for a CBD salve, lotion, or ointment. Though human skin has a low permeability rate, cannabidiol can reach receptors under the skin through the pores when applied liberally. 

Our skin naturally blocks most substances from entering the dermis. CBD works by reaching receptors in the epidermis near the application site. Topical CBD products have been observed to improve elasticity, hydration, and a transepidermal water loss in users with and without skin conditions. Many report relief from soreness or inflammation near the application site as well. 

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Inhalation or Vaping 

Vaping is another popular method to take advantage of the benefits of CBD. This is one of the quickest and most effective vehicles for delivering the compound into the bloodstream. That means the effects can set in at a more rapid pace. 

Vaporized CBD is absorbed through tiny air sacs in the lungs called alveoli. It is then diffused directly into the user’s bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver. Since inhaled CBD avoids the digestive system, less of it is broken down before the molecules can make their way to the bloodstream. 

Without a pre-measured tincture or tablet, vaping allows the user to determine how much CBD they want to take in more intentionally. 

Usually, CBD products you can inhale are presented as a cartridge or portable vaporizer pen with a combination of CBD and other types of oil.

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Sublingual Method 

To avoid the “first-pass effect” altogether, a CBD user can opt to try the sublingual method. This can be done by holding CBD oil or concentrate under the tongue for roughly 60-90 seconds. The mucus membranes in the mouth can then absorb the active ingredients and speed up the absorption process. 

This is another method that offers quick delivery of CBD to the user so they can take advantage of the benefits more efficiently. Similarly to the inhalation route, the compounds can pass directly into the bloodstream and into our natural endocannabinoid system without breaking down as much. 

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Which Method is Better?

Each CBD user is after a different goal when they set out to seek the potential of hemp plants. Every product has something a little different to offer:

If you’re after quick results, reach for a vaporizer or sublingual product. 

Those with a desire to start a regular regiment might consider the ease of ingestible CBD. 

And for centralized use for muscles and skin, topicals will be the way to go. For a great additive benefit, purchase a massage table and have your therapist use a CBD lotion or cream during your massage. You may see enhanced outcomes in relaxation and relief from muscle soreness.    

Evaluate what you’re looking for in a CBD product and decide what is best for you and your unique situation. Whatever route you choose, introducing CBD into your arsenal of daily products could be a great step toward finding your homeostasis.

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