The Kratom Industry & Fair Trade Practices: What We Are Doing

Nearly everything that we do in the world impacts other people, things, and businesses. When it comes to buying a product like Kratom that is grown in one part of the world and then marketed in another, that impact can take on another level.

Goods that are traded worldwide are often subject to fair trade practices. These practices, used commonly in the chocolate, coffee, and clothing industries, can help ensure life and environment sustaining practices take over as the industry’s norm.

Has this happened in the Kratom industry? Are fair trade practices a regular part of the industry, or are there still improvements to be made?

Today, we’ll talk in more detail about fair trade as it applies to the Kratom industry. It’s time to find out if the products you support help make a positive difference in the world!

Why Does Fair Trade Matter?

Fair trade products are becoming a more and more common sight when shopping. Why is it that so many people have taken to the idea of supporting the fair trade movement in a huge variety of businesses?

As knowledge becomes more pervasive worldwide, people are becoming more aware of the unethical practices used in many industries. Even though it is expected for some level of difference to exist in wages worldwide, seeing the farmers growing our coffee or cocoa beans making low wages that they cannot survive on is not good.

Fair trade practices seek to ensure that the marginalized people working in various industries are being treated properly. From solidifying their workplaces’ safety and hygiene to providing some type of economic stability through their wages, the goal is to create sustainable working conditions.

Environmental and economic stability is essential in today’s world. Fair trade practices help ensure that workers and businesses worldwide are supporting both of these things.

Fair Trade Labeling: Not All Is As It Seems

When shopping for fair trade products, it may seem to be as simple as checking for a label and then moving on with your purchase.

Unfortunately, things are not always as simple as they seem. Fair trade labeling is a common practice, but not all labels are created equally! Companies that want to be involved with the positive marketing of fair trade labels find ways to get involved that aren’t as supportive of the movement as it may seem at first glance.

Fair trade labels come in many varieties, and the organization that oversees these labels is actually split into distinct classifications. The classifications are given out by different non-profit and membership organizations, and each specific label has different guarantees.

For example, some labels are given only if the business meets a strict set of fair trade and ethical business practices. Other labels are given out if a certain number of ingredients fits those practices, even if the other ingredients do not.

The best way to be sure that you are buying fair trade products that genuinely make a difference is to research the products and the company. Find out if they care about ethical production and business standards, and then make your decision about whether to shop there or not. 

Companies that are truly dedicated to the communities where their products come from will be ready to show you just what they are doing to make a difference!

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Labeling In The Kratom Industry

The Kratom industry does not have any specific fair trade classifications or non-profit organizations working to ensure fair trade practices are followed at this time, though we are excited to say this is changing. And, regardless of that, Kratom companies can still apply the principles of fair trade practices to their supply chain.

Kratom companies rely on a healthy production cycle to be able to keep doing business for years to come. By making sure that their suppliers and harvesters are working in good conditions and in a way that is sustainable for the Kratom forests, Kratom companies can ensure that their business will have a steady supply chain.

The supply for a single Kratom manufacturer often comes from dozens of harvesters, if not more, so getting strict accreditation of fair trade principles from each harvester can be very difficult.

Still, many of these harvesters are solo workers that are being paid fairly to work in an industry that is much more sustainable than other common farming industries in their home regions.

The Future Of Fair Trade In Kratom’s Future

Compared to other industries that have flourishing fair trade labeling and organizations, Kratom is a very young industry. While it has been used worldwide for a long time, the consistent import and sale of kratom have only been going on for a few decades.

As the Kratom industry grows more and the practices around Kratom sales in the United States become regulated, we can expect to see more organizations incorporating Kratom fair trade principles into their labeling guidelines. Bulk products like tea and coffee are often included in these organizations, so it makes sense that Kratom teas will be added at some time as well.

Until then, continue to seek out Kratom companies that do their best to be transparent about their supply chain and the safety checks that they have in place to ensure that you are receiving a safe, ethical supply of Kratom in every shipment.

Phytoextractum & Our Supply Chain

Here at Phytoextractum, we are committed to making sure that our customers can get their supply of safe, high-quality Kratom products from our store.

To make this happen, we are connected with our suppliers and supply chain at many points in the process. We ensure that our products are being handled properly, and that means that we also have to check up on the standards used at these facilities and for harvesters. You can be sure that the Kratom for sale here at Phytoextractum doesn’t come from a factory farm with no commitment to sustainability.

From start to finish, we want to play a part in bringing a fair, ethically-created product to those that rely on it. We hope that we can continue to do just that and encourage others in our position to do the same! Let us know if there is anything else that you’d like to see us do as we continue to grow with you and with the industry. \

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