Beyond An Extract: What Exactly Is Kratom Resin?

Is Kratom resin simply a powerful Kratom extract, or does this substance have a lot more mystery to it? Many people are curious when they hear about Kratom resin because it is not a commonly known or marketed variation of Kratom.

Most Kratom products differ in the strain or concentration, but this substance is unlike powders, crushed leaves, and liquid extracts. In fact, it looks more like tar than it looks like a plant!

What exactly is Kratom resin, and how is it used? Learn more about this unique substance today.

Kratom And Its Many Types

Kratom comes in many different forms, and each of those forms is used differently. From the whole plant to dried leaves to ground-up powders, there are a lot of delivery methods for this unique plant substance.

The most commonly seen types of Kratom on the market are Kratom powders and whole Kratom leaves. These are frequently used to make teas or taken via capsules in order to get a daily amount of Kratom.

Extracts are typically Kratom powders with a higher-concentration alkaloid content than regular Kratom. This allows a higher dose while taking smaller amounts of the substance. While extracts are usually powdered, they also come in liquid, pill, and now, resin form.

What exactly is Kratom resin, and where does it come from?

Where Does Kratom Resin Come From?

Kratom resin is a solid Kratom extract that is made by concentrating Kratom powder into a liquid-based substance and then allowing the liquid to evaporate fully. The hard, sticky solid left behind is sometimes called candy. Kratom resin is typically dark brown or black because of how heavily concentrated it is.

Kratom resin has a high concentration of alkaloids when compared to raw Kratom powders. This high concentration is due to the boiling of Kratom and removing everything that isn’t a highly potent alkaloid concentrate. Kratom resin can be as much as 15 times stronger than other Kratom products and extracts.

Making Your Own Resin

If you’re curious about how to make Kratom resin on your own, keep in mind that these instructions are not specific. They are a general process to give you an idea of what type of work would be involved. Making your own Kratom resin can be risky because the final alkaloid content is difficult to test, so make sure that you proceed with caution.

Generally speaking, these are the steps that must be followed to make Kratom resin:

  1. 1.) Boil Kratom leaves or Kratom powder in water and allow it to steep for a long time.
  2. 2.) Filter out any plant matter or whole leaves.
  3. 3.) Boil until the tea is very thick and has little liquid left.
  4. 4.) Spread the substance out and let it dry for a few days until it hardens completely.

The resin can then be broken up into smaller pieces, and this is how most Kratom resin is processed and consumed.

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How Kratom Resin Is Used

Kratom resin is a high concentration substance, so only a very small amount needs to be used for the same effects as other delivery methods. Resin is often faster to consume than other types since there is less legwork when using it.

Resin is broken into smaller pieces or crushed into a finer powder. This can then be dissolved into hot drinks, added to your normal Kratom powder, or even put into capsules for easy consumption. 

When adding Kratom resin to hot drinks, many people find that adding some type of sweetener to the beverage can help. The taste is slightly different from that of standard Kratom powder, but it is still strong and bitter for most people.

Limit The Amount

Remember, it is important to always start with less Kratom than you think that you will need to ensure that you do not take too big of a serving. This is especially true with Kratom resin because the concentration can be much higher than other products.

Choosing a resin serving size for the first time is difficult and should be handled with great caution. For this reason, we typically recommend that Kratom users stick to Kratom extracts over Kratom resin.

Warning: Kratom Resin Safety

Most experts recommend that Kratom resin be used sparsely, if at all. Why is this if it’s such a highly concentrated source of alkaloids?

That is exactly why it is also not the best type of Kratom to use regularly. Super concentrated resin is not for those that are new to Kratom, and even those experienced with Kratom varieties should explore resin with caution due to its intensity.

Kratom resin causes very strong effects because the alkaloid concentration will be higher. The concentration is high but not always exact, so it can be hard to know what is inside Kratom resin. This is a big part of why you don’t see a lot of reliable, vetted Kratom vendors selling resin: it’s too risky. The Kratom extracts at Phytoextractum are lab-crafted and standardized, which means we have a much more accurate idea of their alkaloid content.

If you are going to explore resin, make sure that you do so with as much caution as possible. Remember that resin should not be a daily Kratom substitution, and it’s best used sparingly to lower risk and prevent tolerance buildup from the high concentration.

Seeking Unique Experiences

Are you an experienced Kratom user that is ready to find something unique to try? While Kratom resin is certainly one-of-a-kind, there are a lot of potential risks and difficulties that put some people off of it.

Phytoextractum carries two products that might fit the bill for your needs. First, our recently released Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Softgels make it easy, effective, and convenient to enjoy Kratom. Another option to consider is a super-enhanced powder extract that you can enjoy any way that you normally prepare Kratom.

Looking for new and exciting Kratom products to try is fun for experienced Kratom lovers, but you should always be mindful to be informed about what you are trying. Sourcing your products from a reliable vendor is a great place to start.

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