Where To Safely Buy Kratom (Hint: It’s NOT Amazon!)

The safety of kratom throughout the last decade has been rapidly improved by an overall improvement in community standards, but that doesn’t mean that the quest to ensure that kratom is safe for consumption in America is over.

Though there are many reputable vendors working hard to only provide their customers with high-quality kratom, there are also vendors who are willing to sell subpar products at a lower price. For kratom users that aren’t aware of this problem, they might be unknowingly using a dangerous product.

Safely buying kratom is incredibly important. To make sure that you are safely stocking up on kratom, follow this guide (and avoid Amazon!).

Why You Should Avoid Amazon

Buying from a third-party seller such as Amazon is tempting in a number of industries, and some people might be tempted to try to buy their kratom there as well. After all, it just makes sense to order all of your things from one place to simplify the shipping process, right?

Ordering from one seller for many items certainly streamlines the process, but that doesn’t always mean that you are going to be making a good choice by doing this. Let’s talk about why you might not want to order kratom on Amazon.

Safety Concerns

The primary concern when buying from a selling platform when it comes to kratom is safety. Kratom is a safe product when it is manufactured and sold honestly, but it can be hard to know if that is the case when buying from a large platform like Amazon. While the individual seller may be trying to be an honest seller, confirming that is not always easy.

Shipping Concerns

Even if manufacturing conditions are ideal, does the vendor know what happens to their products after they leave their warehouse and are in control of the third-party platform? The shipping and handling aspects when ordering through these services is often taken out of the seller’s hands, and that means that there is not as much clear regulation or direction.

In the case of kratom, it is very important that the product is handled properly from start to finish. Kratom-specific vendors know what works best and will prioritize it, but that cannot be said about other sellers.

Additionally, customer service issues that come up with shipping may be better handled by individual sellers rather than large conglomerations.

Unknown Vendors

Do you recognize the vendor? Can you find information about them? Do they share their sources and how they ensure product safety? While there is an approval process for Amazon vendors, it is not always strict enough to work for a product like kratom.

Liability Limitations

This is arguably the biggest reason not to order form Amazon. No listings on Amazon directly state the word kratom because they have some liability agreements in place that do not allow vendors to sell products like kratom on the platform.

That means that any vendor selling kratom on Amazon is technically doing so illegally, so you should not buy the products from the site at this time.

Even if a company that you think that you want to try sells its products on a third-party platform, it is often better to buy kratom directly from the source as most vendors have a better profit margin when they sell their own products. If you want to support the industry, buying direct is therefore more powerful.

Where To Safely Buy Kratom

If you want to find a better option of where to buy kratom, there are luckily many other fantastic options today. The kratom industry gets stronger each year, and there are more and more brands that can be relied upon to stock up on good products.

Our company, Phytoextractum, continually dedicates time and resources to ensure that we are compliant with the latest best practices. We are part of the GMP-compliance program, which essentially means that we are doing all that we can to ensure our product is handled safely from start to finish.

Of course, we aren’t the only company that is doing our part to ensure the safety and future of the industry!

How To Vet Your Kratom Suppliers

When shopping for a high-quality kratom vendor, look for the following:

  • See if the company is part of the GMP compliance program run by the American Kratom Association
  • Look up their supply chain
  • Ask them questions about their testing procedures
  • See if they have any educational resources
  • Check reviews

By doing a little bit of research before you purchase kratom, you’ll be empowering yourself to ensure you only receive the highest quality kratom.

Why Kratom Safety Matters

Those that are new to buying kratom might not be sure why kratom safety matters so much, and they might instead look to find the cheapest product available. Unfortunately, not all kratom that is available online today should be considered pure.

As with any product, kratom needs to be properly tested, stored, handled, and shipped to be safe for use. If the vendors or suppliers do not do their part, the product can become cross-contaminated and unsafe.

Many industries have federal or state regulations that ensure proper safety procedures are followed. Because of the constantly changing legal status of kratom, however, such protections are not always in place. Some states have adopted Kratom Consumer Protection Acts, which prioritize kratom safety, but these are not yet a universal measure.

For that reason, kratom consumers need to be careful about who they buy from and ensure that they are doing what they can to buy from vendors that care about safety. The future of the kratom industry depends on this.

Stay Safe With Phytoextractum

As mentioned, we know just how important it is for kratom to be safely handled for the sake of the kratom industry, our business, and of course, our customers. That is why not only make sure that we properly test our products, but we also support the actions being taken on a national scale by the American Kratom Association to protect consumers.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about kratom and how it is being sold by our company, please feel free to reach out at any time.

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