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Ginger Root Capsules - 550mg (Botanic Choice)

Ginger Root Capsules - 550mg (Botanic Choice)
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•Common Name: Ginger 
•Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale
•Product Type: Capsules (30 count)

General Information:  
Ginger contains many active compounds including ginger, shogaol, paradol, zingerone, terpenoids, and flavonoids.  

Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger and is responsible for many of the health benefits.  Gingerol is a powerful antioxidant and may support the body against inflammation.  

Shogaol is another potent antioxidant that helps scavenge free radical molecules in the body.

This compound is also found in Grains of Paradise.  It is being studied for its antioxidant qualities.

Zingerone is found in dry and cooked ginger.  Gingerol converts to zingerone when dried or heated.  It has adaptogenic effects on the smooth muscles of the intestines, which may support a healthy digestive system.

Ginger has been studied for its anti-inflammatory qualities and may support healthy joints and muscles after physical activities.  Ginger has been shown to help the body when nausea is present.  It achieves this by suppressing serotonin functions in the gut.

Ginger has its culinary and medicinal origins starting in India and China thousands of years ago.  It made its way to England in the 11th century and was praised for its health benefits.  By 1547 Spain was importing ginger to Santiago, Chile.

-Supports healthy digestion
-May help alleviate nausea


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