Traveling With Kratom: What You Need To Know

Are you getting ready to go on a vacation, to visit a friend, or head somewhere for work? Are you unsure if you can bring kratom with you and wondering how to handle the complications of traveling with kratom?

Many kratom users are not sure whether or not traveling with kratom will be an issue, and there are quite a few different reasons for them to hesitate. While bringing along a substance that they use regularly doesn’t immediately seem like a potential problem, kratom users like you might know that kratom isn’t always understood or looked at fondly.

How can you safely and legally travel with kratom so that you can continue your usual amounts? Here’s what you need to know about traveling with kratom.

Is It Legal To Travel With Kratom?

The first question that many people have is whether it is legal to travel with kratom. It can be confusing because many people suggest being somewhat sneaky about traveling with kratom; this is unnecessary as long as you are following laws.

It is legal to travel with kratom as long as you travel between two places where kratom is legal to possess and use. Additionally, you will want to ensure that anywhere you have a layover also permits kratom to be extra safe.

At this time, there are no federal aviation regulations that say you cannot bring kratom with you as long as the substance is legal in each jurisdiction where you will be traveling.

Tips For Traveling Safely With Kratom

Research Before You Go

Since you need to be sure that kratom is legal in the locations you will be traveling, you want to do some research as soon as you think about bringing kratom along. Knowing the local laws is essential. When you know the laws, you’ll be prepared to answer any questions.

To be extra prepared, bookmark the pages which have applicable local and state laws if any exist. Having these pages prepared will help you to feel less stressed about your travel.

Don’t Try To Hide It

When you’re packing your kratom, pack it as you would pack any medication or snack that you are bringing on a trip with you. Don’t try to hide it in your luggage; don’t try to disguise it as something that it is not.

Kratom is a legal substance in most places, which means that you can legally carry it with you. By trying to disguise it, you are making kratom seem like something illegal or suspicious. It is better to simply pack kratom as it is as if you will encounter no problems. If you do get questioned, you can then take the time to explain yourself.

Keep The Packaging

If possible, pack your kratom with the original packaging that it came in. The packaging will identify what it is, who made it, and what types of regulations the substance is under. While kratom is not nationally regulated, the labels of high-quality kratom products still share a lot of important information.

Kratom in its original packaging will be much easier to explain that kratom you have repackaged without label or identification. 

Know What You Will Say If Questioned

The chances are high that you will not be questioned about your kratom at all, but it is always good to be prepared for questions just in case.

In particular, think about the following:

  • Do you know how to explain what kratom is?
  • Do you know how to explain why you use it?
  • Are you aware of the laws about transporting kratom?

If you can answer these three questions confidently, you should be able to give the TSA agents the information they need to finish their investigation. They may decide to swab your bag to ensure you are not hiding anything, but that is OK. It is part of the normal security process, and you will be able to move forward without questions.

Arrive Early

Finally, arrive early so that you are not stressed about making your flight on time. Even if you get stopped for a detailed bag check, it will not take very long. However, that kind of situation may cause you unnecessary stress, so arriving early is always a good idea.

Benefits Of Traveling With Kratom

Keep Your Routine

Most kratom consumers are on a schedule when it comes to kratom, and this is because they don’t want to miss out on the benefits that they expect from keeping their routine. When you travel with the kratom that you are accustomed to using and know exactly what you will be using, it’s easy to keep your routine consistent.

Don’t Worry About Shopping

Who wants to have to shop for supplies as soon as they arrive in a new destination?

Whether you’re traveling for fun, for work, or for something else, you still aren’t likely to want to go looking for kratom when you arrive at your new location. Rather than worry about that, it’s more convenient to simply bring your own supply of kratom with you on your journey.

Know What You’re Using

If you’re accustomed to using high-quality kratom, you will not want to travel somewhere new and buy any old kratom. Kratom from reliable companies that take care to properly process and package their kratom, such as we do here at Phytoextractum, is less risky for consumers.

While it might be possible to buy different kratom when you get to your destination, you won’t necessarily be able to find out if its the same quality that you expect. Rather than risk it, being able to bring your own kratom supply along is a great option.


Don’t get overly stressed about traveling with kratom. As long as you fly between two places where kratom can legally be carried and used, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Keep your cool, do your research, and be prepared to answer questions if necessary.

As long as you follow these steps, you will be able to travel with kratom with ease.

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