3 Tips For Talking About Kratom

So you’ve discovered the world of kratom. You’ve enjoyed your experiences so far, but you’re hungry to learn more. Beyond that, you’re eager to share the wonders of kratom with others, but you aren’t sure how to approach talking about what many still see as a taboo area.

Like the early days of CBD oil and similar products, figuring out the best ways to talk about kratom so that you can accurately and honestly describe your experiences can be hard. What can you say even when the legal status of kratom can be a bit hard to describe?

At Phytoextractum, we are dedicated to ensuring that kratom consumers will be protected for decades to come. A big part of accomplishing that goal lies in advocacy. Today, we’ll help you learn how to become one of kratom’s best advocates by talking about it in the right ways.

Tip #1: Get Educated

Before you even try to talk about kratom with someone else to help them get an idea of what this product is like, you need to learn more about kratom yourself. Sure, you already know that you like it and that you think they might, too, but will you be able to answer their questions?

If they want to know how it works with your body to have various effects, can you explain the science of how it might work? Or would you be filling their mind with ideas rather than truths?

When it comes to kratom, we need to avoid creating or spreading any more misinformation than is already out there. Trying to educate someone about kratom when you know very little about the scientific, historical, and legal details of kratom yourself may cause more harm than good.

Before you start talking about or advocating for kratom with others, be sure you have the tools that you need. Get familiar with the following before you open that flood gate:

  • • Kratom’s history
  • • Where kratom comes from
  • • How scientists believe kratom works
  • • How to find a reputable vendor and make sure you’re getting safe products

These are just four basic things that every kratom user should be learning about kratom anyway, but knowing these things is even more important when you are going to be suggesting another person give kratom a try.

Knowledge is power. With more knowledge about kratom, you’ll be able to do a better job of sharing your feelings about it with others.

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Tip #2: Don’t Push The Limits

Remember that not everyone is going to be interested in what you’ve gained from kratom or what you have to offer. And that’s okay!

For many, the misinformation they’ve already heard about kratom and its constantly changing legal status can be too much of a barrier to overcome. While they may come to be interested in kratom once it is more clearly on the “approved” side of the law, there is no reason to push them to be interested now.

After all, what you want to do is help kratom to have a more positive image in the public eye. Pressuring people about kratom is only going to make kratom appear more dangerous than it is!

Pay attention to how much people care when you are sharing your kratom experience. If someone is engaged and asking questions, keep going! If, however, they seem a bit hesitant and are focused on the legality more than anything else, consider pointing out the current legal status of kratom and moving on.

It’s not a win-lose situation when talking about kratom. Instead, think of it as an ideas meeting where you’re sharing what you’ve got, but where there doesn’t need to be any official outcome or decision at the end of it.

Tip #3: Offer Resources In Addition To Stories

Even people who trust their friends and family often need more solid proof of something existing or working before they believe it. This is the case for many different issues, and the same can be said for kratom.

If you’re talking about someone and they have a lot of questions about how to use kratom or how it works, give some information about how it figures into your life. Sharing our stories can be a powerful way to connect with other people and to pass along important insights through personal experience.

But, don’t be surprised if someone is looking for more solid evidence than anecdotal info. In that case, you might say:

  • • “You seem really interested. Can I recommend a blog with great articles that can help you get a better understanding of kratom?”
  • • “Do you want me to send you the kratom advocacy group so you can learn more?”
  • • “Here’s a reputable online vendor; why don’t you check out the info on their site?”
  • • “Let’s go to my favorite kratom shop together sometime; you can learn a lot from the people there, too.”

It’s almost always a good idea to offer someone more than just stories when you are teaching them about something outside of their comfort zone. Knowledge will help them feel more secure in their interest, so setting them up with a way to get more of that knowledge at their own pace is one of the best things that you can do for someone.

Kratom: A Gift to Share

If kratom has changed the course of your life, it’s only natural that you’ll want to share more about the experience you’ve had with everyone who expresses any interest in kratom. But remember, simply rambling about kratom to someone for hours isn’t going to be the best way to deliver your information.

Instead, consider taking a gentle yet educational approach when you are talking to someone new about kratom. The balance between their personality and your words will create a lot of the person’s first impression of kratom, so it is important to consider your tread carefully and to try to follow their lead.

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