CBD Oils & Capsules: Phytoextractum Product Introduction

When it comes to CBD oils and capsules, there are suddenly dozens of options on the market. Every specific blend has its own properties, and finding the best one for you can require a lot of research into each option.

We know how exhausting that can be, so we’ve put together this short guide as an introduction to the products that we have to offer. We are very proud of the items we source, and we hope that among them you find the CBD products that work best for your needs.


We offer a number of hemp-derived, full spectrum CBD oils. This means that they include CBD as well as a number of complementary cannabinoids (but not THC, the cannabinoid that accounts for the psychoactive effects of marijuana). Many studies suggest that formulations which contain cannabinoids other than just CBD are more effective.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil by Bridgetown Botanicals

This product is available from Phytoextractum in three different concentrations: 1000mg, 500mg, and 250mg.

Bridgetown Botanicals uses pesticide-free, non-GMO industrial hemp to make their hemp oil. The hemp is carefully grown using organic practices. Once the extraction process is complete, oils are tested and measured for accurate CBD concentration and bottled accordingly.

Regardless of the CBD content, THC is always less than 0.3%, the threshold for a CBD product to be considered legal – and far too little for you to ever feel its effects. The extracted cannabinoids are blended with MCT oil to create the final product, which can be easily mixed into your favorite food or beverage or taken orally on its own.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Joy Organics

This mint CBD oil is available from Phytoextractum in a 250mg size.

Produced organically by Joy Organics, this full spectrum CBD oil has a relatively low level of CBD at 8.33mg per serving while still remaining THC-free.

The formula for this particular CBD oil is designed to be edible without needing to mix it with anything else. The CBD extract is combined with hemp seed and grape seed oils, along with mint and stevia to add flavor.

To use this oil, you can mix it with food, but it can also be taken sublingually by putting the appropriate amount underneath of your tongue.

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD by Ambary Gardens

This product from Ambary Gardens is available in a 150mg size, which is on the lower end of the products that we sell at this time. Unlike our other CBD oils, however, this oil is more water soluble. This means that it can be added to any beverage without affecting the flavor or taste.

The cannabinoids in this product bond with water and Vitamin E, used to preserve and deliver the CBD. The mixture itself is both tasteless and odorless, so it is a very versatile consumption method.

Pet CBD Hemp Oil by Bridgetown Botanicals

This hemp oil is created specifically for your furry friends! Coming at 150 mg per bottle, this product is great for pets who might benefit from CBD.

As we mentioned earlier, Bridgetown Botanicals prides themselves on using pesticide-free and non-GMO hemp. The CBD extract is mixed with cold pressed hemp seed oil, and that is how this final product is created. There are 10mg of CBD per milliliter of fluid, and this product can easily be mixed into your pet’s food.

Capsules and Tablets

In addition to oils, we have a number of specialized CBD capsules for those who prefer the convenience this method offers.

CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets With Melatonin by Medterra

These tablets by Medterra each contain 25mg of CBD isolate and 10mg of melatonin. Depending on your personal preference, you can easily break the tablet in half. Each tablet or tablet piece can then be placed under the tongue for the most rapid and effective absorption.

The combination of melatonin and CBD makes this a great choice for when you’re winding down in the evenings. The tablets have a refreshing spearmint flavor. The carrier oil in these capsules, avocado oil, gives you a healthy measure of antioxidants as well.

CBD Isolate Softgels by Bridgetown Botanicals

Softgels like these CBD isolate ones by Bridgetown Botanicals are known to dissolve faster and be absorbed more rapidly than traditional capsules, but what else is special about them?

These softgels contain 30mg of CBD per capsule, and there are 900 mg of capsules in the bottle. “Isolate” means that CBD has been isolated from other cannabinoids and extracted on its own, as opposed to “full spectrum,” which includes a range of cannabinoids. The CBD isolate in Bridgetown products is made from organically grown hemp, and there is zero THC in the capsules. The extract is blended with MCT oil before the mixture is added to the easy-to-swallow softgels.

CBD Isolate Vegetarian Capsules by Bridgetown Botanicals

Next, we have a vegetarian-friendly item from Bridgetown Botanicals. As their CBD isolate softgels contain gelatin in the outer capsule, they have also made a vegetarian-friendly capsule which does not contain gelatin.

The composition of the oils inside of the capsule is exactly the same as their CBD isolate softgels: 30mg of CBD isolate and zero THC in every individual capsule. The entire bottle has 900mg of CBD in 30 capsules.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules by Bridgetown Botanicals

In addition to the CBD isolate products introduced above, we also carry full spectrum products from Bridgetown Botanicals. These full spectrum CBD capsules are vegetarian-friendly.

These capsules have 30 mg of cannabinoids in each capsule. This combination of powerful components works together to deliver a great, full spectrum product. As with their other products, the primary carrier oil in these capsules is MCT oil.

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels by Bridgetown Botanicals

Finally, we have the softgel version of the full spectrum CBD product from Bridgetown Botanicals. This product also contains 30 mg of cannabinoids in each serving; everything except the softgel capsule itself is identical to the standard capsule composition.

Choose Your CBD Product Carefully

As you have learned today, there are a lot of different CBD oils and capsules. Those offered through our store are just a small selection of everything that is available, but we believe that we have sourced some of the best products on the market. Choose whichever appeals most to you! Try them all!

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