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Moringa Extract Capsules - 500mg (Botanic Choice)

Moringa Extract Capsules - 500mg (Botanic Choice)
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•Common Name: Moringa    
•Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera
•Product Type: Extract Capsules (30 Count)

General Information:  
Dubbed the “Tree of Life,” Moringa lives up to this nickname due to its many uses.  From textiles, topical, internal, and culinary applications, Moringa does it all.  The entire moringa tree is edible, fruits, leaves, bark, and roots.  Our capsules are made with the leaf of the tree.
Moringa leaf is nutrient dense while being low in calories.  While most plants have herbal remedy applications, moringa has vitamins and antioxidants, which in combination provide a boost to each other, increasing the benefits attained from this plant.
It contains many of the nutrients found in meats provided from a plant source.  While there are allergy and incomplete protein concerns from other plant sources, like soy, Moringa contains an entire profile of all available amino acids, including nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on their own.

Moringa originated in India, and from there it was spread east to China and west to Egypt.  It grows in semi-arid tropical regions.  In India, it has prolonged medicinal use and is still used as a nutritional supplement in areas that suffer from malnutrition.  In Egypt, it was applied topically for skin health and as a sunscreen.  When it made its way to the Philippines, it became a staple food source for people on the island, and you can find a moringa tree growing outside of most of the native Pilipino's homes.   

-Nutritional Supplement
-Antioxidant Support
-Iron Rich
-Protein Rich


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