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Full Spectrum Maitake Mushroom Capsules (Planetary Herbals)

Full Spectrum Maitake Mushroom Capsules (Planetary Herbals)
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•Common Name: Maitake
•Botanical Name: Grifola frondosa
•Product Type: 650mg Tablet (30 Count) 

General Information:

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is the legendary Asian mushroom revered for both its delicious taste and health-promoting benefits. Maitake is a source of beta-glucan, known for its ability to support immune defenses. Full Spectrum Maitake includes both the fruiting body and the mycelium to provide a broad range of maitake activity.
Maitake is found at the base of oak trees; this polypore mushroom boasts many health benefits.  Known as “Hen of the Woods,” this mushroom has been the target of many studies involving its nutrient profile.
It has been shown to support immunomodulatory functions in the body.  This function tries to keep your immune system at a balanced level, not too much or too little immune response.  This is beneficial because being on the extreme of either side can contribute to adverse health conditions.
Maitake contains powerful antioxidants that boost the effectiveness of our immune systems, by combating free radicals in the body.

Many cultures throughout history have found the benefits of this mushroom.  It has many nicknames, because of the incredible capabilities of this mushroom.  Ram’s Head in Germany, Lady Mushroom in Italy, Dancing/Cloud Mushroom in Japan.  It finally made it’s way to western culture in 1785 under the name Boletus frondosus.

-Immune Support
-Antioxidant Rich Supplement
-Nutrient Dense Supplement

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