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Opti Gold (Botanic Choice)

Opti Gold (Botanic Choice)
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Ingredients: Vitamin A (as beta carotene), Alpha lipoic acid, Bilberry 4:1 extract (berry), FloraGLO® Lutein, Taurine, Zeaxanthin, Rice flour, vegetable cellulose, magnesium stearate vege grade, alginate, maltodextrin, gum arabic, pea starch, modified food starch, cornstarch, glucose syrup, sodium ascorbate, dl-alpha tocopherol


•Product Type: Capsule

General Information:  

  • See the Difference with FloraGLO® Lutein
    One of the critical ingredients in Opti Gold® is lutein. But we don’t use regular lutein “esters” found in other vision formulas. We use FloraGLO® lutein because of it’s a unique, patented, absorbable form of lutein your body can use. What’s more, it’s chemically identical to the lutein found in leafy, green vegetables and the same type of lutein used in major clinical studies.
    Based on at least 10 mg./day FloraGLO® lutein has been clinically shown to:
    • Improve recognition and differentiation of objects in dim light
    • Help protect the eye from blue light
    • Naturally, filter blue light to help reduce glare
    • Help reduce the blinding effects of glare
    • Increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD)
  • But Opti Gold® takes it a step further to deliver an impressive 15 mg. to give your eyes even more significant, more potent nutritional support.
    How Much Green Leafy Vegetables Do You Need to Eat to Get 10 mg. of Lutein?
    As mentioned above, it's recommended you get 10 mg. of lutein to keep your eyes protected and healthy. Since your body does not make lutein on its own, you must obtain it from your diet or supplementation. To get it from your food, you'd need to eat:
    • 2½ cups raw spinach
    • 4½ cups canned green peas
    • 6¼ cups cooked broccoli
    • 7½ cups fresh romaine lettuce
    • 12½ cups prepared green beans
  • As you can see, it can be difficult to get all the lutein you need from diet alone. In fact, half of Americans get ONLY 1-2 mg. of lutein each day, a fraction of the amount needed to replenish the lutein levels in your eyes. 

    An Internal Pair of Sunglasses
    Although you are born with protective lutein pigment in your eye, these levels begin to decrease as you age slowly. It's essential to replenish your lutein levels daily to protect your eyes from damaging blue light from the sun, indoor lighting, and even computer monitors. Like a pair of internal sunglasses lutein also goes one step better because many sunglasses can't filter blue light which is more harmful to your eyes than UVA or UVB rays.2  Lutein keeps your eyes protected 24/7.
    • Flora GLO® is the most researched lutein brand and is clinically proven to increase lutein levels in the eye giving you optimal protection. 
    • FloraGLO® goes to work where it is needed - in your eyes. It is clinically proven to be absorbed by your body, so your eyes get the lutein benefits promised on the label. 
  • Protect Your Eyes with Zeaxanthin and Four More Vision Supporters
    Along with lutein, zeaxanthin is the only other pigment compound found in your retinas. Zeaxanthin is concentrated in the lenses of your eyes, and having enough of it shields them from the most damaging portion of the light spectrum from the sun, computer monitors, TV screens, and fluorescent lights.
    Even if Opti Gold® included only FloraGLO® lutein and Zeaxanthin, it would be a fantastic eye health supplement formula, but you also get four other nutritional power boosters: Vitamin A, Taurine, Bilberry Extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid. This winning blend helps keep your vision healthy today and tomorrow.
    Compare and See for Yourself – Opti Gold® is Better

• Opti Gold®

• Generic Store Brand

• National Brand

• FloraGLO® lutein – patented lutein that’s the most absorbable; increases density of macular pigment.

• 15 mg.

• 2 mg. lutein esters

• 5 mg. lutein esters

• Zeaxanthin – shields the macula where greatest protection is needed.

• 600 mcg.

• None

• None

• Vitamin A – Antioxidant that supports eye health.

• 10,000 IU

• 1,000 IU

• None

• Taurine – Amino acid that plays a role in overall health and vision.

• 200 mg.

• None

• None

• Bilberry Extract – Traditional herb for ocular health.

• 60 mg.

• None

• None

• Alpha Lipoic Acid – Universal antioxidant that protects from free radicals.

• 25 mg.

• None

• None


    1. Delivers six powerful nutrients that support healthy, clear vision, near and far
    2. Promotes faster glare recovery
    3. Provides antioxidants to protect eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun, computer screens, or fluorescent lights
    4. Fosters greater sensitivity to contrasts
    5. Enhances quality of vision
    6. Protects rods and cones from light damage
    7. Supports the health of the eye, retina, and macula

Good Manufacturing Process Proud member of the American Herbal Products Association Quality Guaranteed

*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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