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Sceletium-Catuaba Extract (Kantuaba)

Sceletium-Catuaba Extract (Kantuaba)
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While recognized in global cultures for many centuries, the FDA strictly prohibits the use of this herb in food products of any nature.


A powerful Kanna and Catuaba extract, plus Chia and Blue Algae. A new and very hot seller.

This is a potent combination which contains extracts that we know will be appreciated by our customers. Each powerful in their own right, the combination of these extracts provide a holistic tool to enhance the simple act of living. Our bodies react to stressors in our environment, chemicals in the food we eat, and even the air we breathe – air which is polluted with various irritants and carcinogens. Our blend combines extracts that have shown to stimulate the mind and calm the soul. 

Catuabua (Erythroxylum catuaba) is used in traditional Brazilian medicine as an aphrodisiac and central nervous system stimulant. These claims have not been confirmed in scientific studies, but a journalist for the Discovery Channel claims that "reports in scientific journals and at conferences have supported [catuaba's] use for sexual enhancement. In catuaba, a group of three alkaloids dubbed catuabine A, B and C are believed to enhance sexual function by stimulating the nervous system".

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) has effects that reportedly include the elevation of mood and a decrease in anxiety, stress and tension, and it has also been used as an appetite suppressant by shepherds walking long distances in arid areas. In intoxicating doses it can cause euphoria, initially with stimulation and later with sedation. Sceletium tortuosum contains mesembrine and the related alkaloids mesembranol and mesembranone.

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