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Salvia miltiorrhiza Root - 5x Extract


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This product is not intended for human or animal consumption. It is offered for research, reference standard, or as an incense product for external use only.

5x Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract - 28 grams

Diterpene (tanshinone I, tanshinone II, cryptotanshinone) containing Salvia plant species extract.  From the Labiatae/Lamiaceae family.

Other names include Chinese Sage, Huang Ken, Radix Salvia, Salvia Root, Ten Shen, Danshen, Salvia Root, Ch'ih Shen, Dan-Shen, Pin-Ma Ts'ao, Red Rooted Sage, Red Sage, Shu-Wei Ts'ao, Tan-Shen, Tzu Tan-Ken. Salvia bowelyana; Salvia, Salvia przewalskii; Salvia przewalskii mandarinorum, and Salvia yunnanensis.  Dan refers to the mineral elixir cinnabar, which has a color similar to that of the root; shen is the same term used to describe ginseng.

We offer a 5x powdered extract of this material, available in 28 gram units.